CD Review: THE WAY I AM by Roger “Hurricane” Wilson

Roger Hurricane Wilson
The Way I Am
(2006 – Blue Storm Records)
Review Date: Oct 2009

by Robert T. Murphy

Roger Hurricane Wilson is a singer song writer, instrumentalist with influences such as Bob Dylan, Doc Watson, and Johnny Cash and has put together a CD of songs that include classics such as ‘Don’t Think Twice’ along with eight self penned songs. The music is solidly trenched into the stripped down folk country music style that his influences were well known for. Vocally, Roger Wilson sounds a lot like early to mid career Johnny Cash.Some samples from the CD:
‘How Much Is Enough’ – This song harkens back to 60’s folk protest songs, talking about our materialistic society with an almost talking style of vocal, along with dobro guitar backing, again very folk and country sounding. ‘Don’t Think Twice’ – This is a pretty faithful reproduction of Bob Dylan’s original, only with better vocals as I have never been impressed with Dylan’s vocal ability. ‘Blue Heaven’ – This is a instrumental finger picked song. Very laid back, something that you might hear on someones front porch. ‘My Heart Can’t Stand One More Goodbye’ – This is a slow country influenced song ‘I Got Chased By a Three Legged Dog’ – This song reminds me of Johnny Cash both vocally and instrumentally. Church song guitar picking, (Solid thumping finger picked bass line) and a laid back style. ‘Sandy Hook’ – This is another instrumental which reminds me a bit of Leo Kottke or similar artists. ‘The Drive In Picture Show’ – The first song on the CD that has a bit of a electric guitar and upbeat tempo. The song laments about the decline of the drive-in as a viable entertainment venue. ‘Ring of Fire’ – As you can imagine, this is a pretty faithful reproduction of the Johhny Cash classic. ‘The Way I Am’ – The CD’s title track, this is a fast finger picked instrumental. Roger Wilson can pick a guitar. ‘Key Sunset’ – The final instrumental on the CD. Again in a folk style.

Bottom Line: If your tastes run to the relaxed singer song writer style as done by Bob Dylan, Doc Watson and Johnny Cash or similar artists, with bits of instrumental similar to Leo Kottke, then this might be the CD for you. If your looking for over the top blues guitar work, you should pass on this CD. In any case this is a good CD that folk and old country fans should appreciate. I give it two out of four stars.

Guitar and vocals – Roger Wilson
Bass – Randy Barnhill
Drums – Michael Traylor
Pedal Steel Guitar – Bobby Kennedy
Producer – Michael Traylor for Swamp Monk Music Works

Blue Storm Records
P.O. Box 1212
Kennesaw, Ga 30156