Dusk Til Dawn Blues Festival 2013

Dusk Til Dawn 2013

30 Bands

on 3 Stages

It’s hot here in Oklahoma during the day, but it gets good when the sun goes down here on the late D.C. Minner’s family land each day over Labor Day Weekend. I’ve been involved with this festival since 2003, and it is a great experience each year. The best way to enjoy this is event is to be here for the whole duration. When I first started playing this event, I would be on tour with a band, coming from one gig, stopping in to play one night, and then back on the road the next day to the next gig. I hated that! It was so laid back and enjoyable, that I felt I needed to be here the whole time. It was then I was invited by Selby Minner  to be regular at Dusk Til Dawn. I get to play solo on the Back Porch Stage, play between bands as well as my own band set on the Big Stage, and sit in at the various jams on the Club Stage. The hot daytime is a great time to blog, promote, write, and get whatever work done that doesnt get done at home. Read more about the event, also about D.C. Minner’s story on the DTD website.

Music every night this weekend Fri-Sat-Sun at the Rentiesville Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival!
www.dcminnerblues.com for the lineup and all the info 918 -855-0978

Beat the heat and still hear great music
The temperature always drops 15 degrees after the sun goes down out here – no pavement – and that’s why we go til 1 AM!

“World’s largest – and best – backyard party!” at D.C. Minner’s birthplace and family farm-turned venue.

got a great revue from the Pulse -sometimes they say it better than we can ourselves:
” we need to give you some information on the Blues community as a whole. To begin with they never spell Blues with a lowercase b. These aren’t your everyday musicians, trying to make a buck. . . they do all they can, with or without money, to keep the Blues alive… If you’ve ever met a a Blues musician you’ll feel their energy. It vibrates, hums pulses and radiates like an electrical force. …not a need to take care of themsleves, they need to get out and take care of others – you!

Selby brings in the greats from all over the county. …food for the soul and fun too!” – Amy Addams

Highlights include:
LIL’ ED and the Blues Imperials Sat —winner nationally of the “BAND OF THE YEAR” – TWICE!
WATERMELON SLIM – fri and Sunday – nominated for more Blues (Handy) awards than anyone else! – 19! – won 6 or more
Miss BLUES sat and sun – blues w and attitude – picked to click on XM Sirius’ BLUESVILLE
Roger Hurricane Wilson, Lem Sheppard, Direct Connect, …. . . and many more!!

Gates open at 4
music on three stages from 5 or 6 PM til 1AM outdoors and 5 am In the club
out in the country – 2 Exits S of Muskogee OR two exits N of I – 40 on US 69

$15/ day, kids free – and we keep them busy – facepainting, mast table, conga drum circles and more

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