Why are there no simple answers to simple questions anymore? The driver’s side door lock went out and needed to be replaced on my 09 Chevy Silverado Pickup.The part is referred to as a door lock actuator. When purchasing this part, it is one unit containing the actuator and the door lock for approximately $185.00. That’s easy enough to understand.

In speaking to the service writer at Day Chevrolet in Acworth, GA, he tells me me that they would need to diagnose the problem to see if it is the lock or the actuator that is faulty. Why would that matter if both parts are one unit? If the door lock isn’t working, and the remedy is to make the repair with the one part that serves two functions, why the extra wasted conversation?

What could have been a simple answer in saying that the unit would need to be replaced because it all is the same part would have been sufficient. With his useless diagnostic answer. Instead of a satisfactory simple answer, I now have more questions. Does that mean you are going to fix the bad section of the single part and charge me less, or are you going to waste my time, and probably charge more money in running a bogus diagnosis? Or is the one part really two parts and you don’t really know what you are talking about?

He then said there would be twenty cars ahead of me, and that if I left the vehicle, he might have it done by the same time a day later. That was an understandable option. The cost to install the part; however, would be $150.00. In that case, I bought the part for $165.00 at the dealership, with the nice parts guy giving me a discount. I then went to my buddy, Doug, at G&S in Kennesaw, GA. He had me in and out in under two hours for $90.00, and he didn’t have to diagnose anything.

Roger “Hurricane” Wilson’s American Music Show for July 18, 2017

Due to a programming glitch last week, this week’s edition of Roger “Hurricane” Wilson’s American Music Show will feature the live set I was invited to sit in on with Dr. Mac Arnold & Plate Full of Blues at Madlife Stage & Studio in Woodstock, GA. on April 15, 2017. Be sure to tune in each and every Tuesday night at 10PM ET/ 9PM CT on KALA-FM- 88.5, serving The Quad Cities.The show is streaming at http://www.sau.edu/KALA.html. Click on How To Listen to set up your player. Please be sure to tune in.






Roger “Hurricane” Wilson’s 2017 RV Tour Begins July 29

Here’s hoping that you had a safe and pleasant July 4th holiday.

The invitation is still open to get a FREE copy of the single, HOME SWEET HOME IN MY RV, The Unofficial RV National Anthem, by visiting http://hurricanewilson.com/rv/. The song seems to have caught on, which I appreciate greatly.

I’ll be kicking off my 11th Annual 2017 RV Tour close to home to celebrate my 64th birthday at the Subourbon Bar in Kennesaw, GA with The Hurricane Homeboys from 8PM to Midnight on Wednesday, July 26. I’ll then head out on the road on my actual birthday the next morning on July 27.

If you are anywhere in WI, IL, or PA, check your dates. Maybe you can come join me somewhere along the way.

The 2017 RV Tour Begins:

Sat. July 29 – Blackhawk RV Park – Milton, WI (solo acoustic 7 to 10PM)

AUGUST, 2017
Fri. 4 – Paradise RV Resort – Garden Prairie, IL (Solo acoustic 7 to 10pm)
Sat. 5 – Pine Country RV Resort – Belvidere, IL (Solo acoustic 7 to 10pm)
Sat.12 – Arrowhead RV Resort – WI
Sat. 19 – Timothy Lake South RV Resort – E Stroudsburg, PA
(Solo acoustic 7 to 10PM)
Sat. 26 – Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival – Kennesaw, GA (w The Hurricane
Homeboys 7:30 to 9:30pm)



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Youtube Video – Blues Lick in E – Premium Blues Lesson #7 by Roger ‘Hurricane” Wilson

This is Premium Lesson #7 featuring a simple blues lead guitar lick based on the 7th position E minor pentatonic scale. It can be seen at . http://BluesGuitarLessonsFree.com Free lessons can be accessed by simply entering an email address, which is never shared. Access to Premium Lessons are available for $49.95 per year with at least two new lessons added each month.

Check Youtube Video here: .https://youtu.be/lcI-g_aGeCE

New Premium Lesson Uploaded to www.BluesGuitarLessonsFree.com

This Premium Blues Lesson explains E Blues Lick #1   the first in a series of electric guitar blues licks that can be played with a basic progression in the key of E. It explains one form of the 7th position E Minor Pentatonic scale. After the subsequent licks are learned, they can be interchanged within the included  MP3 recording available on the lesson page. There is a PDF showing the neck diagram and the actual lick by way of guitar tablature. Be sure to sign in at www.BluesGuitarLessonsFree.com with your email address to receive the free lessons. Your information will never be shared with anyone. eThe price for the Premium Lessons is only $49.95 per year with access tot everything.

Atlanta Falcons Rise Up!

Check out the video of song supporting the Atlanta Falcons parodied from Paul Simon’s song, THE BOXER, by Roger “Hurricane” Wilson. We’ll Keep Shouting It Out! GO FALCONS!!!!!
Time to #RISEUP more than ever!